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The Central Coast of California is one of the most inviting environments in the entire country. People come from all over the world to stroll the dunes, play golf and hike in the mountains. Unfortunately, a sudden slip and fall can turn a pleasant day’s outing into a prolonged nightmare of pain and frustration. If a hidden hazard on public or private property causes you harm, you deserve full compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. For more than 35 years, personal injury attorneys at Rucka, O’Boyle, Lombardo & McKenna have provided knowledgeable counsel and effective representation for victims of slip and fall accidents. We’re ready to help you obtain the compensation you deserve so you can concentrate on regaining your health.

Building a case for liability in a slip and fall accident

Under premises liability law, landowners have a duty to make their grounds reasonably safe for guests. They are expected to be reasonable about inspecting the premises to discover and correct hidden hazards before anyone gets hurt. To prevail with a premises liability claim, you must generally prove these elements:

  • The hazard was hidden and not obvious to a reasonably alert visitor.
  • The landowner knew or should have known the hazard existed.
  • The landowner failed to remove the hazard or provide adequate warning of the danger.
  • The landowner’s conduct was unreasonable under the circumstances.
  • The hidden hazard caused your injuries.

The trickiest part of a slip and fall case is proving that the landowner was unreasonable. The court will consider many factors, such as:

  • The amount of time that passed from the creation or discovery of the hazard to the accident
  • Who created the hazard (e.g., an agent of the landowner or another guest)
  • The actual steps the landowner took to deal with the hazard
  • The plan, if any, the landowner had in place to deal with similar hazards
  • The extent to which the hazard was not readily apparent
  • The difference in cost between the steps the landowner took to deal with the hazard and another possible remedy that the landowner did not use

Because a simple slip and fall can make for a very complicated case, you must choose an experienced personal injury attorney with a solid record of results in cases like yours.

Experience with a variety of slip and fall accidents

Our personal injury law firm has a long record of success in premises liability cases. We are prepared to assist with slip and falls resulting from:

  • Wet floors
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Potholes
  • Broken floor tiles
  • Loose floorboards
  • Unlighted passages
  • Debris-strewn staircases
  • Loose handrails
  • Falling merchandise

Our firm takes slip and fall cases very seriously. We have seen the harm up close, serving clients who’ve suffered head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones and torn ligaments. We are determined to recover the full compensation your injury deserves.

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